We will help you start your own business in the Emirates, Dubai, Abu Dhabi or any other Emirate. Our experience is more than 15 years of running and starting a business in the Middle East. Our clients are numerous large companies in Dubai and beyond this emirate, one of the largest cities for attracting tourism and business.

The United Arab Emirates is a country of opportunities for both life and business. Simple and understandable procedures at all stages of business start-up, political and economic stability, 0% income tax, minimum VAT (only 5%) – all this provides endless opportunities to double your investment in the shortest possible time.

According to World Bank, the UAE ranks 10th in the list of protection of small investors and 11th in the world in terms of ease of doing business. The UAE has the most developed economy among the Middle East and North Africa and is among the top 20 most developed world economies, ahead of Finland (17th), Germany (24th), Switzerland (38th), Japan (39th place), etc.


Business Gold Visa (gold visa for business) was introduced by the UAE government to further improve the investment climate in the UAE, stimulate business development and attract new talent from entrepreneurs from around the world.

Previously, the Gold Visa for residents was announced, and Business Gold Visa is another step towards making the UAE a central point of business growth and development. Both gold visas are issued under the Gold Card Visa UAE system and are renewable 10-year visas.

The UAE government is focused on building a knowledge-based economy by attracting businessmen and entrepreneurs from all over the world. To be eligible for a long-term visa, there are a number of requirements that every entrepreneur must meet.

There are a number of requirements for an individual or entrepreneur, candidates must also submit documents and reports, complete forms and requests regarding the requirements of the Federal Identification and Citizenship Authority, which include assessment of the state of health, as well as a thorough check of biographical data. The process takes more than 30 days to carefully evaluate applications, profiles and attached documents. Applicants can apply for a gold residence permit, but this is not a guarantee of obtaining it.

Business Lex Group has more than 15 years of experience in making the visa process simple, fast, economical and trouble-free. We guarantee successful results for our customers based on our local connections and hands-on experience.


The UAE government is currently issuing long-term visas for 5 and 10 years to foreign investors, entrepreneurs, scientists, professionals and outstanding students.

Figures provided by officials indicate that more than 6,000 applications for a long-term visa have been received since the application for a long-term visa.

The UAE's recent announcement of long-term visas is intended to encourage foreign investment, retain talent and offer a long-term guarantee of residence for foreign investors and foreign people in the UAE.

The new long-term visa reform will significantly change the perception of the UAE from the destination of foreigners to the longer-term settlement option for foreign investors.

In addition, the new visa reform will attract a lot of foreign investment and help shape a stronger economy in the future with a focus on innovation, entrepreneurship and the growth of the non-oil sector.

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A 10-year visa without a sponsor is valid for the following categories:
Outstanding Students

1) Investor requirements:

  • Contribution of up to 10 million dirhams to an investment fund in the UAE or
  • The owner of a company with a capital of 10 million. Dirhams or partner in the company with a stake of up to 10 million. Aed
  • The investment fund should be wholly owned, not financed by a loan. Proof must be provided.
  • Investments must take at least three years.
  • There should be a financial solvency of up to 10 million dirhams.
  • The investor must provide a comprehensive insurance document for himself and his family.

2) Requirements for entrepreneurs and managers:

  • Individuals must have a bachelor's degree or equivalent.
  • Must have five years of experience or more.
  • Salary of 30,000 dirhams or more with a valid contract in the UAE.
  • health insurance for yourself and your family.

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Eligibility for a 5-year visa to the UAE

The following categories are eligible to apply for a 5-year UAE residency visa:

  1. Real estate investors in the UAE. The investor must invest in the property with a total value of at least 5 million. Aed. The amount invested in real estate should not be provided on credit. The property must be kept for at least three years.
  2. Entrepreneurs in this category include those who have an existing project with a minimum capital of 500,000 dirhams, or those who have the approval of an accredited business incubator in the country. The entrepreneur is allowed a multiple visa for six months with the possibility of extension for another six months. The long-term visa includes a spouse and children, a partner and three supervisors.       
  3. Outstanding students, students with a minimum score of 95% in public and private secondary schools University students inside and outside the country have an average score of at least 3.75 at the end of their studies. The long-term visa includes families of outstanding students.